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PureCM to support SQL databases

PureCM currently uses its own database which has developed over the years to become a robust, secure, and flexible solution for most customer needs. There has been demand, however, from customers (existing and potential) to provide the capability to work with more established and well known SQL databases. We plan to have the option for customers to select from many of the most popular variants, but initially we will develop a SQLite solution followed shortly by SQL Server.

SQLite will become the default database type, but the option for PureCM's native database will still be there. So for existing customers there is no need to change to using SQL if they don't want to. A Migration facility will be available to convert existing databases though.

Advantages of using SQL databases include ..

Familiarity - Administrators already have the knowledge for administering sql databases.
Backup - Trusted and established methods for backup of data.
Interface tools - Easier access to data without use of PureCM.

We're implementing SQLite initialy due to its global cross-platform availability, ease of use (Zero-Configuration) and cost (Its free). This makes a good starting point from which expand.

We see SQL Server as a high priority for the large number of Microsoft Visual Studio development teams. As well as being able to integrate the PureCM client with Visual Studio, using Microsoft's SQL Server at the backend makes a lot of sense.

Additional database engines available to UNIX/Linux are also on the radar and will follow after SQL Server. More on this later.

In terms of usability, there should be no change as far as the PureCM user is concerned. The tool will look and feel exactly the same, with no performance disadvantages.

We aim to support SQLite Databases in the 2010-1 release of PureCM.