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PureCM Now Offers Subversion Importer

Good news for the many software developers looking to upgrade from Subversion to a more robust change management tool. PureCM now features a Subversion importer that will import an SVN trunk with full history.

Anyone looking to do an evaluation of PureCM will now be able to quickly and easily import real data from an existing SVN repo into PureCM in order to get the best possible test drive of the system in the least amount of time. This will be a huge benefit to people who ask the question, "but how will my projects look in PureCM"? Now you can tell and with minimal effort since the import is a point and click process.

Customers looking to switch off Subversion will also be able keep their old historical data by transferring into PureCM which provides the key advantage of being able to get started with PureCM while retaining your old data. Perhaps a bigger benefit is now you can leverage pre-existing IT infrastructure to properly backup this business critical data by hosting PureCM against SQL Server.

Importing data is an important part of what we do at PureCM. We recognize that many of our customers are switching to PureCM from something else. Importing data through a script or an API is always a possibility but not the quickest and easiest solution and for that reason PureCM has put a lot of effort into providing importers for as many SCM tools as possible, such as Visual SourceSafe, CVS and Perforce; and now Subversion joins the list.

Visit our knowledge base to get a step-by-step guide about how to use the SVN importer.