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Gemini issue integration available now

We have just released the latest plugin for PureCM, which links changesets to issues in the Gemini issue tracking tool. Why Gemini? We've had various customers asking how they could best use PureCM with a web front end for their helpdesk team. As we've been focusing on developing a tight release planning/configuration management integration with the upcoming 2010-1 release, reaching to teams outside core development is currently better supported with 3rd party solutions such as Gemini. This tool is particularly well suited to integrate with PureCM given its simple yet flexible user interface. 

How does it work?

The main imperative when developing the Gemini bridge has been to keep it simple. Linking PureCM changesets to Gemini issues can be done simply by adding a 'GEM' reference number to the changeset description - that's it. There are some screenshots in our knowledge base that show you how this will look. What might be more important is actually the way the bridge is published: as open source. Yes, that's right. It's the first time we do so and we hope that you'll embrace this approach.

Why is the plugin open source?

This is a very simple integration, which requires minimal setup and virtually no training for developers. On the upside, this gives you a quick and easy integration with a web frontend to add powerful helpdesk functionality to PureCM. On the downside, the plugin doesn't include sophisticated checks, e.g. to make sure you avoid typos when adding the Gemini issue number. By publishing the solution open source, you can decide whether this fits your bill or whether you'd like to add some tweaks.

Furthermore, keeping the integration so simple also makes it very easy to use it with other issue tracking tools. You can get the plugin and customise it to work with your existing solution, getting a head start with the now available and fully commented Gemini bridge.

>> Download the Gemini bridge here


So where do we go from here?

As you might have guessed, this is but a first step. This bridge is great for a no-frills integration with Gemini, especially when you simply want to keep track of what has been submitted against a specific issue. However, with the new release planning functionality in PureCM 2010-1, we'll be able to look at a much tighter integration with Gemini. Think scheduling in Gemini that is reflected in PureCM. Think getting real-time updates on project status regardless of the tool you're currently working in. Having development and non-development teams collaborate along the development lifecycle based on the same up to date information, but using the frontend (or tool) that is most natural to them.

Make sure to revisit this blog - we'll keep you up to date on progress!