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Back from DevWeek

We’re back from DevWeek, and pretty happy to have much less to carry home than on the way to London. DevWeek has been a busy conference again, featuring very insightful sessions according to discussions we had with delegates.

We were happy to get a stand close to the session rooms, catering and registration, which led to a steady flow of visitors trialing our upcoming 2009-1 release. Especially the new GUI and the powerful merging provoked very positive feedback, confirming the comments we got based on the beta during the last weeks.


Obviously, we shouldn’t forget to mention our Wii bowling, where DevWeek attendants showed some highly impressive skills – just have a look at the picture below! We were also able to congratulate two lucky winners with a brand new iPod, and our ‘Bowling Champion’ T-Shirts really were well deserved prizes.

DevWeek has confirmed that it is definitely worth being present at a big SD event, primarily for the numerous and very valuable discussions we were able to have with a wide mix of SCM users. This gives us a better idea about what we can do to improve PureCM. And of course, we were also talking to other exhibitors, such as with Microsoft and IBM Rational on their ALM offerings, or with the developers offering build tools such as TeamCity. Don’t be surprised if you find the latter in a release note in the near future!