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Here it is - the PureCM 2009-1 Beta

This update is to highlight that the download links below now point to the latest 2009-1 RC build.


New features

PureCM 2009-1 comes with two major enhancements:

  • Live merge tracking. This powerful feature gives you live and instant transparency about which changes need merging between two streams. Whether you want to push a bug fix back into the development stream or integrate a number of feature streams into your mainline, you can perform all operations directly on your stream without the need to create a workspace. After that, all merges are tracked for full transparency.
  • Task-centric GUI. As a developer, you spend 90% of your time in your workspace. As a manager, your focus is on the project stream. The new task-centric GUI gives you exactly the information you need for your task – not less, and not more.

Further 2009-1 enhancements supporting parallel and distributed development:

  • Workspace Rebasing. Easily switch the content of your workspace to any stream, be it a branch or a snapshot.
  • Deployment Service. Automatically transfer changes to your production environment without installing a PureCM client.
  • PureCM Components. Share libraries across projects to keep them in sync and control change with repository-wide file locking.

Click here to find a more detailed overview about PureCM 2009-1.

How do I best install the PureCM 2009-1 beta?

Note that you need to install both the server and client components of the PureCM beta to test the new features. Depending on your current use of PureCM, you might want to choose one of the following options.

Your current situation

Possible PureCM setup

Download links

I am new to PureCM and have no PureCM components installed yet.

Get the PureCM server and client installer for your OS and follow the on-screen instructions.



Combined client and server

Client installer

Server installer

Eclipse plugin


I am currently evaluating an older version of PureCM, but do not use PureCM for production.

Note that only one version of PureCM can be installed at any one time on a machine. You can thus choose to install the PureCM beta on a clean machine or uninstall your current PureCM version and replace it with the beta.




Please use the links above.

I am already using PureCM for production.

Option 1: You install the PureCM server on a clean machine for testing purposes. Download the .ZIP beta client and run it alongside your current production client when testing (no installation of beta client needed)



Client ZIP

The ZIP client can only be used if you already have a PureCM client installed on your machine.


Please use the links above to download the server component(s).


Option 2: You install both the PureCM server and client on a clean machine for testing purposes.



Please use the links above.


The system requirements are identical to previous PureCM releases and can be found here.  Note that this is a beta product. We would therefore advice that you do not use it on production data.


We are highly interested in getting your feedback, both the good and the bad. This allows us to tailor PureCM’s features to your needs and fix bugs that might have escaped our internal testing. Please send any comment or bug report to, or comment this blog directly. Thank you for your valuable feedback!