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How to get a quick status report

Have you ever wanted to get a quick overview of what changes have been submitted by a specific developer? Or wanted to know which changesets are present in the current feature stream, but not in its parent? If yes, this blog is for you.

It might be worth to highlight at this point that all the above reports talk about “changes” and “changesets”, and not file or folder differences between streams (of course, you can get the latter information as well, using the PureCM stream comparer).

Creating a report based on changeset is pretty easy in PureCM, just go to the “Reports” node in the Explorer view:


You can find there some example reports, but just click on “New” to create your own. This opens up the report dialogue where you can choose between “Issue reports” and “General reports”. The former are available if you are using PureCM’s issue management, or if you have integrated your issue management tool with PureCM. The latter is based on changesets and gives you exactly the reports we need here.

Follow the wizard, which guides you through a few options, such as the fields you would like to display, which users want to include or which period you are interested in.


Define the report permissions before creating and saving it, just in case there is confidential information involved. Then finish the wizard, and you will get something similar to this:


You can see that these reports are a very simple and fast way to get some insight into your day-to-day development. You are able to export or print your reports for further use, and you can customise their design.

Of course, you might get richer information and a better overview of your project status from issue reports. But this is the topic of another blog to come...