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New Blog Series: Agile Version Control

A few months ago we've run our first blog series, publishing about a dozen blogs on how common software challenges can be tackled effectively. The SDC series was born. We've had some great conversations with readers and customers as result of that blog series, so I'm glad to announce the next series that will start soon:

Agile Version Control

Hmm. Agile in 2011? Ten years after the agile manifesto was published? Of course! These 10 years have brought many rich experiences working with agile and other methodologies in software development. We still get numerous rich and insightful discussions with our customers about what could be done better. And at the same time, we're also confronted with "how to" questions from teams getting started with agile: How to make version control or software configuration management (SCM) agile?

It's seems to be a small part of the development process only, and yet getting it right is a key success factor to any agile initiative. So join our upcoming agile version control series to get in touch with best practices and let me know about your thoughts.