Creating Versions Retrospectively

by Stephen Worthington 25. September 2014 11:24
PureCM has always had the ability to create streams from a previous changeset but this has been made much simpler with the 2014-2 release. Create a Version from the Version History   Suppose you are working on Version 2 and have already submitted features A, B and C. You are currently working on feature D. You now realise that you want to release Version 2 with features A, C and D. You want to release feature B into Version 3. You can do this by first renaming Version 2 to Version 3. You can then go to the history for Version 3 and select ‘Create Version From’ on ... [More]


File Search Without a Workspace

by Stephen Worthington 19. September 2013 14:26
For as long as I can remember PureCM customers have requested the ability to search server files without creating a workspace. For PureCM customers coming from VSS this was the one VSS feature they missed. We had a working prototype of this feature 3 years ago but it did not make it into the release because it was too slow and was a performance drain on the server. Finally file search will be available in the 2013/2 release thanks to the redesigned database format introduced in 2011/2, a general improvement in server disk speeds with RAID and better algorithms to perform the search. How Does... [More]



Jenkins and Hudson Plugins coming soon in 2013/2

by Stephen Worthington 13. September 2013 11:48
With the 2013/2 release now less than a month away we wanted to outline some of the major new features. One of the biggest features of the 2013/2 release is the plugin for Jenkins and Hudson. In case you did not know Jenkins/Hudson is an open source Continuous Integration tool similar to CruiseControl. Hudson was the original application but this was forked in 2010 by unhappy open source developers to create Jenkins.   PureCM already has plugins for CruiseControl.NET and FinalBuilder - so why do we want another CI plugin?   Firstly Jenkins/Hudson has possibly become th... [More]

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Ignoring Files with pcmignore Files

by Stephen Worthington 13. November 2012 11:14
Introducing pcmignore files as an alternative to the 'Ignore File Paths' policy [More]


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Visual Studio 2012 RC Extension

by Stephen Worthington 4. July 2012 15:38
We have had a few requests from developers wanting to use the PureCM extension in Visual Studio 2012 RC. If you want to try it out you can download it here: (9.22 mb) Currently this extension is a beta and will remain so until the 2012-2 release in October (which should roughly coincide with the VS 2012 release). If you experience any problems please email


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Flicking Between File Revisions

by Stephen Worthington 29. March 2012 12:01
With the upcoming release of PureCM 2012/1, I expect you will hear a lot about the new web client and performance improvements. But as a developer it is the file history differences window which I am most excited about. The file history dialog has been redesigned with a tab view at the bottom. The tab view displays contextual information about the selected revision. Initially the Description tab will be selected – showing the changeset description for the selected revision. Things get interesting when you select the Differences tab. This displays the familiar differences tool showing the c... [More]


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Working Outside of Visual Studio

by Stephen Worthington 14. September 2011 11:41
Having used the PureCM Visual Studio Client for a couple of years I got a real shock when I had to do some work in Xcode. Creating a read-only workspace and checking out the files manually sounded like way too much overhead. So I created a writable workspace and ran check consistency when I needed to submit. This worked ok, but I really missed the way the PureCM Visual Studio client tracks which files I am editing. So when I got my hands on our 2011/2 beta the first thing I wanted to try was the workspace monitor. If you flag a workspace as monitored, then PureCM will keep track of when fil... [More]


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AVC 2: PureCM and Agile

by Pat Burma 14. August 2011 17:24
  In this post I would like to explore more of the Agile Manifesto and how it relates to software development and to delve into some of the reasoning behind why PureCM was designed and built the way it is. Individual interactions over processes and tools. A cynic might look at this and say this means there is no need for software tools, but that's the point at all. Software tools are helpful and in many cases necessary but your tools should not define your process and you shouldn't be overly dependent on tools for communication. In Agile the right process is the one that works and over ... [More]


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